Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I watched and observe people. And the more I think of it, the more i feel

1) Awkward
2) Weird
3) Terrified

Just imagine that you have thoughts and feelings accumulating in your mind with no one to voice out and no one to talk to. And with your vivid imagination, you start thinking too much, wondering whether you are the cause of it. Or whether someone just finally realised the truth. Or worst, it was your fault that someone has changed.

People move around you, and you wonder whether you made an impact in their lives. And the one thing that you don't wish to observe, you get it. When that happens, you start going mad, and going insane.

I love things black and white. What happened 2 years ago was settled- black and white. I was merely overcoming my grief and hurt of being rejected.
Now, it is more greyish. More blackish grey if you ask me. I should never ask the question, and if the answer is a yes, i should never know that as well. But that is the ideal part. No one would know. No one would understand. I might end up setting up the flames again.

I hate uncertaintiy, and it sux.

But why should i feel uncertain when I know the conclusion of the play.
Because i don't know how the plot developed that result to that ending.

6:25 PM

As long as you continue to be yourself, that's enough
-Shigure Sohma, Fruit Basket-

Never throw your life away.
-Folken, Escaflowne-

Touya: There are no such things are coincidences in this world--
Kaho: --there is only the inevitable.
-Cardcaptor Sakura-

Nothing costs as much as loving-
except not loving
-C.S Lewis, The four loves-

Love is different for everyone, Yahiko.
Among a hundred different people
there would be a hundred different forms of love
-Okina, Rurouni Kenshin

Sometimes people forget that they have the courage to live.
But as long as they have something in their hearts to believe in,
that courage will never vanish
-Sakura Kinomoto, Tsubasa Chronicles

Regret is just a waste of time for fools
-Cho Hakkai, Saiyuki

Welcome to this illusion I've created.
A world of our own, with our rules
-SeishirĊ Sakurazuka X/1999

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