Saturday, January 24, 2009

I run out fast-moving seasons
thinking of you silently in my heart
-VAMPS, Time Goes By-

Staying away from your friends and family is quite bad.

The worst part is that I can't see them, hear them and just go crazy with them. There won't be anyone who will understand my lame jokes and quirky random humour. It is tough.. I wonder how some people move across continents and settle down. Either they are really strong or they want to escape from something...

Maybe I will do that, if I ever end up being all alone, watching people getting married while I'm left on the shelf. When people find their other half while I only have a dog, laptop, music and books for my company. When they start having kids when all I could search for is another dog to replace the one that died. I will be an auntie and god mother to many but none that I can call my child.

Yes, it is a utterly depressing post. The worst part is that I am not even in a bloody relationship. I just found out someone that I would love to date is attached. But you know what is the painful part? It is when I don't know him well enough to be sure whether I want to ask him out. It's ridiculous how I just clamp up in front of guys and not being able to open up to those who I really want to know better...

Overall, my social skills with guys sucks. It's either i mock them or debate with them. I can never treat them like a girl treat a guy and be nice to them. Well, this is a self-pitying post. I don't want to dwell on this any longer...

3:43 AM

As long as you continue to be yourself, that's enough
-Shigure Sohma, Fruit Basket-

Never throw your life away.
-Folken, Escaflowne-

Touya: There are no such things are coincidences in this world--
Kaho: --there is only the inevitable.
-Cardcaptor Sakura-

Nothing costs as much as loving-
except not loving
-C.S Lewis, The four loves-

Love is different for everyone, Yahiko.
Among a hundred different people
there would be a hundred different forms of love
-Okina, Rurouni Kenshin

Sometimes people forget that they have the courage to live.
But as long as they have something in their hearts to believe in,
that courage will never vanish
-Sakura Kinomoto, Tsubasa Chronicles

Regret is just a waste of time for fools
-Cho Hakkai, Saiyuki

Welcome to this illusion I've created.
A world of our own, with our rules
-SeishirĊ Sakurazuka X/1999

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