Saturday, April 25, 2009

It feels so weird.

I just went to my first Frat Party and I kinda danced with a guy... It was just weird. Perhaps the 3 shots of voldka made me a bit crazy but it was.. weird. How do people actually dance around with faceless people.

Yet, when I was dancing there, i felt.. treasured. Sure, I bet he was just trying to find some cheap lay or some heavy petting. But when I was in his arms.. it felt like I am pretty, gorgeous. It doesn't help that I was wearing something rather scandalous for S'pore standard. 

But you know what? I rather dance a slow dance with the guy that I love face to face. I know that will be something that I will treasure for life. Going for a thousand hard fast dancing like what I had will only give a weird sense of emptiness in my heart when the music turns off and the alcohol fades away.

It was during this time that I wished that I danced with someone I like and really love. Two faces came into my head. One was a French guy that is quite cute. The other one is so out of reach that I think I conveniently forgot his name.


5:25 PM

As long as you continue to be yourself, that's enough
-Shigure Sohma, Fruit Basket-

Never throw your life away.
-Folken, Escaflowne-

Touya: There are no such things are coincidences in this world--
Kaho: --there is only the inevitable.
-Cardcaptor Sakura-

Nothing costs as much as loving-
except not loving
-C.S Lewis, The four loves-

Love is different for everyone, Yahiko.
Among a hundred different people
there would be a hundred different forms of love
-Okina, Rurouni Kenshin

Sometimes people forget that they have the courage to live.
But as long as they have something in their hearts to believe in,
that courage will never vanish
-Sakura Kinomoto, Tsubasa Chronicles

Regret is just a waste of time for fools
-Cho Hakkai, Saiyuki

Welcome to this illusion I've created.
A world of our own, with our rules
-Seishirō Sakurazuka X/1999

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